« Le Seigneur des robots » receives ‘Digital Essay of 2017’ prize at this year’s Hub Awards

by Acticall Sitel Group | 12/10/2017

Tuesday October 10th 2017, 200 top-tier decision-makers gathered at the annual Hub Awards’ ceremony to reward and promote the most decisive leaders of digital transformation. Emmanuel Vivier and Vincent Ducret, the Hub Institute’s founders, along with Associate Director Perle Bagot, brought together a jury of industry peers and experts to distinguish outstanding innovations and visionary breakthroughs within the field of digital transformation.
The Hub Awards comprise six categories: « Tech, Inno & Data », « Marketing & Customer Experience », « Culture & Organisations », « Performance Measurement », « the G9+ Institute prize for most innovating Start-ups & Scale-ups » and finally « Digital Publication of the Year ».
Competing in this latter category, meant to recognize the most inspirational and pedagogical works released this year, « Le Seigneur des Robots » received the highest award.

The first distinction for this extensive study published by Débats Publics on October 19th 2017. The result of two years’ worth of research, exploratory trips and encounters, Arnaud de Lacoste’s analysis looks past buzzwords and doomsday apprehensions fuelled by our media and soberly unlocks the positive potential of AI.