Questions to Arnaud de Lacoste by Patrick Poivre d’Arvor

European Customer Day 2017


Arnaud de Lacoste is convinced that the era of Artificial Intelligence signals neither the end of work nor of human relations as we know them. This book sets out his positive thoughts on the impact of these new technologies – and the attendant radical transformation – on corporate strategy, customer relations (and the customer experience), the world of work and talent management.

Contrary to the “doomsday prophets” predicting the wholesale disappearance of entire sectors of the economy, the book’s eight chapters are solidly rooted in experiences and meetings with business people and entrepreneurs all over the planet. The author provides us with an optimistic – value creating and intensely human – assessment of the future of the e-revolution.

The book contains chapter after chapter useful insight and recommendations for business leaders and entrepreneurs as well as for the ordinary citizens it seeks to engage.


In the popular imagination, artificial intelligence (AI) is associated with all manner of futuristic hysteria: the end of work, domination by machines, or quite simply the disappearance of humanity! Such fears are largely unfounded.

AI is already widely present in our day-to-day lives and is radically overhauling the way contemporary societies and economies work. Whether we are talking about driverless cars, preventative medicine, database marketing, the Internet of Things or vocal assistants, technological progress is generating endless opportunities both for individuals and businesses.

But if you thought creativity and human expertise were on the brink of being replaced by robots and algorithms, then think again! Rather, the time is ripe for unlocking man-machine synergies. Thanks to AI-based technology, we are entering the era of context and “endless conversations”.

Empathy, dialogue and emotion are becoming cardinal values in all domains. For business, this means that value added is shifting to that overlapping area between the potential innovation and the emotional brand identity: responsiveness, personalised services, data protection, customer proximity and the power of trust. These are going to be the game changers over the next five to ten years.

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Arnaud de Lacoste is the Chief Marketing Officer of Acticall Sitel Group which he co-founded in 1994 and has helped turn into a global leader in the customer care sector with 76,000 employees in 23 different countries. Arnaud heads up the Group’s strategies for transforming and digitalising customer care. He is a compulsively curious and passionate entrepreneur who has forged his vision based on start-ups he himself has encountered all over the world.